During the Greek government’s ongoing digital transformation and the systemic upgrade of its day-to-day operations, a new platform has been developed, allowing businesses to communicate seamlessly by integrating their ERP systems, through a set of APIs

As of 2022, all Greek companies are required to be able to synchronize their invoices through the myData platform

Odoo provides a powerful double-entry bookkeeping accounting module.

We have extended and customized its functionalities to adhere to the Greek tax laws and accounting rules.

Our team has fully integrated the accounting module with the myData platform, allowing for seamless communication.

myData + Odoo Features

  • Easily transition from Quotation to Sale Order, to Invoice and automatically synchronize to myData
  • The basic configuration works out of the box with the extended Greek chart of accounts
  • Powerful mapping functionality, allows you to adapt your own custom chart of accounts
  • Keep a historical record with what has been synchronized to myData
  • Cancel synchronized invoices and store transactional M.A.R.K. numbers
  • Provide clear notification messages on the data validity of your invoices

Extended Functionality

  • Manual transaction generation through your invoices
  • Granular mapping and configuration to suit your particular scenarios and edge cases
  • myData mapping at the Product and the Product category level
  • Granular tax accounts and tax mapping, providing detailed and accurate tax reports

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