Gender Equality Plan

Existanze #connectingdots is an advocate for gender equality, as we are building a workplace where women and men have equal opportunities to grow. Since early 2022, we have initiated our Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for the period 2022-2027, describing the actions we will take to empower our team to unfold their talent regardless gender.

Our plan is based on a non-discriminatory policy, promoting human rights to quality treatment, respect and career advancement. The formation of the GEP is a result of extensive research and analysis on gender equality activism, well-being practices, as well as nonparity incidents in different business contexts globally. Loyal to the European legal framework, GEP abides by the principles of the European Commision for gender equality and the Greek Labor Law 4808/21 for structuring a protected working environment.

Our 5 key goals:

Gender equality in recruitment

Existanze #connectingdots is an inclusive workplace where talent has no gender. Our recruitment process is carefully designed to provide equal career opportunities to both women and men candidates, while reinforcing diversity is a main objective within the scope of GEP 2022-2027. As the tech industry is mainly formed by male workforce, we aim at empowering women who are passionate about development consulting. When it comes to the operational positions, we are proud to be 85% led by women. Their energetic and creative spirit allows us to form a contemporary business environment that provides quality services to the society. Thus, maintaining or even raising our women representation percentage constitutes a key aspect for our hiring plan.

Equal representation to leadership and decision-making

Every new team-member is welcomed by Existanze #connectingdots as a prospective leader. Our inclusive approach allows us to envision the professional and personal development of our people with no bias. Diversity in gender, nationality and sexual preferences can enrich our perspectives, experiences, and ideas towards shaping the future of tech. Self-motivation and out of the box mentality are boosted by continuous coaching and are rewarded with career promotion. We are also proud that our decision-making practicies are mainly formed by women, a policy that tackles women uderrepresentation to leadership positions.

Trainings on gender sensitive issues

Existanze #connectingdots is a community of open-minded professionals who genuinely believe in respect and caring. We make our best efforts to instill our gender equality culture in our people’s approach. Our GEP 2023-2027 action plan includes a variety of mentoring sessions and training on gender related issues, such as women empowerment in our workplace and gender equality in the field of tech.

Prevention of gender based-violence

Our company shows 0 tolerance to violence, irrespectively of the victim’s gender. We are always alert to identify any workplace bullying incidents and take immediate action to alleviate such situations. Building sincere bonds with our people not only helps us spot possible delinquent behavior, it also allows us to support employees that may experience personal or professional difficulties. Timely psychological assistance, mentoring or material contribution, could prevent unwelcome behaviors, such as sexual harassment in any form, and foster a safe work environment, where united we can strive for excellence.

Work-life balance

The impact we deliver is more meaningful when our teams are happy in our workplace. We encourage our employees to adopt a balanced lifestyle, focusing on mental and physical health through activities that allow them to relax and remain vigorous. Offering growth opportunities, while protecting our working schedule, reinforces our productivity and boosts our innovative spirit.

Finally, we support our working parents’ commitment to their families, by providing a flexible and compassionate environment.

Last updated: February 28th, 2023